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You get what you work for,
not what you wish for

Prof. Dr. A. K 

~ Architect

Samiya has exceeded all expectations that one may have had of a coach! She has the precious gift of understanding the interrelatedness of all issues across work and life, and she seamless navigates between those complex matters with a wide range of effective tools that keep unfolding as necessary. Her holistic approach is balanced by her rootedness in practical details of day to day matters, and keen attention to details. While I gladly recommend Samiya for all the above qualities, the real gift she brought into the equation however was her own particular being. Her authenticity, generosity, deep sense of connection and goodwill, general goodness, compassion and commitment, and a natural helpful nature left me uplifted week after week. These inspiring qualities make the hard work of voluntary transformation a lot easier, and the journey more pleasant.

Mark Combs

~ General Contractor

I can achieve excellent results all by myself.  Until I can’t.  That’s when I need an effective coach.  One who can listen, understand me and gently show me what I can’t see that is in the way of getting the results I want.  In the game of life Samiya Khan is a world class coach!  She has the experience and skillset to quickly show me why my efforts are not achieving the results I want.  Beyond simply identifying what isn’t working and offering insights, Samiya has an extensive toolbox that she uses to put me into action.  With her help, not only did I quickly learn how some of my efforts were actually limiting my success, but she showed me that I have abilities and passions I didn’t know I had.  For her integrity, professionalism and her continuous focus on results I would recommend Samiya to anyone who is serious about achieving their dreams.

Christie E. LaPlume

~ Retired Senior U.S. Government Official

In life, relationships matter. The one you have with yourself is the most important and probably the one that is ignored or given the least amount of attention. Engaging Samiya Khan to be my coach in this regard has been simply mind-blowing. After an intense deep dive covering my life experiences, Samiya went to work and got into my head. Carrying a big toolbox, she used a process which helped me to focus on self, on my own well-being. She illuminated several different perspectives from which to view my situation and closest relationships – making me think and understand deeply what needed to change and how to do it with the guidance and tools she provided. Through various techniques, Samiya changed my habitual reactions and overall mindset creating a more balanced and joyful existence, Engaging Samiya is an investment in self and a future better than your status quo – life-changing, worthwhile, a gift.

Tamara Kretzer

~ Co-Founder, TASK PR

Samiya has the astonishing ability to act as your mirror that reflects the best version of yourself back at you. She sees possibilities and opportunities you could have previously only dreamed of and helps you realising your full potential with enormous patience, intuition, and compassion. Samiya truly is a miracle worker and generously gives herself for the benefit of others. That’s what makes her one of the best in her field.

Maurice Robinson

~ Property Investor

Samiya is very easy to talk to as she is a very good listener & from the information I have given, Samiya is very good at pointing me in the right direction with my thoughts & vision. There has been situations I have been in where I could not understand the reason for it & being self critical, where as Samiya has shown me the gift & opportunity that came out of it which I could not see at the time. Samiya has the gift of showing me how empowering I have been through the events of my day to day life. Samiya is developing me at a fast pace which I could never have imagined before. I am evolving & so grateful for the journey & experience. Samiya has years of experience in what she does & it shows with her great qualities such as knowledge, wisdom, professionalism, humour, kindness, passion, truly being herself & more. Anyone seeking self development & transformation, I would highly recommend Samiya. Totally grateful.

Roopa S Basu

~ Artist/ Designer

Samiya is a life coach like no other! With her guidance, I've been able to gain clarity on my thoughts and emotions, and discover my true self. She has a unique ability to help me recognise and appreciate my own talents and abilities, and has been a constant source of support and encouragement throughout our time together. Even on the toughest days, she never fails to lift me up and remind me of my worth. And she always, ALWAYS has your back. I'm so grateful to have her in my life - it feels like we've known each other forever! Working with her has been a truly transformative experience. If you're looking for a compassionate and insightful coach who will help you unlock your full potential, I would sincerely recommend Samiya from the bottom of my heart.

Peter Kinkead

~ Film Director

I have known and worked with Samiya Khan for more than 12 years. She is a gifted and talented life coach. But even more important than this, in her work with clients, she is totally creative. I would call her a 'left-field thinker,' others might call it 'out of the box thinking'. She is experienced and daring in her approach with clients, shunning more obvious approaches, and coming up with unexpected solutions.  These ideas, which initially may seem challenging or even mildly ridiculous and unlikely to succeed, are,  in my own experience, successful.  To work with Samiya you need an open heart and an ability to face change. She draws on 20 years of work across all fields of human relationship,  and has developed techniques and practices which she knows will work. She is totally client- centred and this is one of the reasons for her success.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to a friend who was seeking help, secure in the knowledge that they will be in the capable hands of an expert practitioner. I trust her implicitly.

Vaishali Patel

~ Tedx Speaker & Coach

Before coaching with Samiya, I would find myself hitting a certain level in my passion projects and then sabotage myself so they never moved forward. In personal relationships, I felt they were at a superficial level and found it difficult to open up. I was frustrated and resigned because I felt stuck and helpless. Samiya helped me to understand the different ways I sabotage myself, how to become aware of when they show up in thoughts and feelings. She held a loving and non-judgemental space while I worked through these. This has led me to experience more understanding, freedom and responsibility in my relationships. My passion projects, my book empowering women to travel solo and a retreat to empower people’s self expression, are moving forward in a way in small steps that stretch me and I’m building on. I now have a publisher for my book,  another retreat with almost 70% bookings without advertising I highly recommend Samiya. She holds a safe and non judgemental space.

Ghazala A

~ Entrepreneur/Business Owner

There are many coaches and groups one can join today but how do you know who is the right one.  So my first meeting with Samiya She introduced herself and started with a very long list of accreditation she had achieved on her way to following her passion, to help people. Each step meticulously taken to deliver the incredible women who you sit before.  Well one can only say if you dream of greatness and accomplishment in your own life than finding someone who has felt the same and delivered for her self, that is who you follow.  I started with Samiya after a 30 year marriage had ended. I was at a crossroad. A housewife who had the daunting task of not just wanting to keep her home and lifestyle, earn  and heal.  Seven months on I am not only in a new relationship, an entrepreneur, I am the proud owner of a successful business that I have taken over.  How did I get here? Well with a one to one with someone who believed in me, saw potential, gave me a shoulder when I needed one. She’d a light when all was dark and lit the way to were I stand.  Seeing is believing and the sky is the limit, how far can you dream? Thank you Samiya

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